The school is located in the western part of madurai city ,near the Arapalayam bus stand, and thereby providing the easy of access to our school.

 The chapel situated at the entrance of our school facilitates our students in worshiping Lord to receive his abundant blessings.

 The campus of our school house two basket ball court, one football ground And two volley ball court.


  The school library is well stocked with a good collection of books magazine and periodicals.

  Our school is well equipped with doing scientific experiments especially in physics, chemistry, Biology, and computer science.

  Our school has two Auditorium.Open air auditorium can accommodate more than 5000 persons. Marian auditorium has a seating capacity of 500 persons.


 The school has a mini-conference hall suitable for staff meeting and AV Presentation.

  Purified drinking water is made available to the students of our school at all times.

  Our school is provided with great toilet facilities for the students and the members of the staff under hygienic conditions separately.